ammal labib

Ammal Labib

Ammal Labib


Born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1975. Designer of contemporary jewellery.


Ammal’s pieces are commonly described as having a ‘strong character’; this is due to the fact that she combines contemporary and organic forms with an Egyptian flavour. Many of her pieces are one-of-a-kind, such as the rings and necklaces she makes with unique stones from the Black Desert in Egypt. The desert is full of these stones, which are a mixture of many different components including iron.


All her life she has been interested in creating things with her hands. Drawing, painting and crafts have always been a passion of hers. She started making jewellery as a teenager and her desire to broaden her skills led her to study for two years at the Alchimia School of Jewellery in Florence. These two years were important for her as she learned to open her mind to using different materials and forms, and mixing materials which she introduced into her jewellery. She completed her studies at the Escola Industrial in Barcelona where she deepened her technical knowledge considerably.


Ammal has been living in Barcelona since 2004 and currently works out of her workshop there. The seven years she has spent living in Italy and Spain have led her to broaden her horizons and create new collections in ‘Mediterranean’ and geometric styles to complement her range of Egyptian pieces.


She has participated in exhibitions in Barcelona, Poland, Italy, Germany, San Francisco and Egypt. Photos of her work have been published in exhibition books and in magazines.